HIV: Symptoms, Complications, Testing, and Treatment


HIV Symptoms


People may live with HIV for years without showing symptoms. A medical test is the only way to confirm HIV infection. Adults who are sexually active should get tested for HIV annually, or more frequently should they feel they are more at risk. The initial signs of HIV resemble найти работу на дому other common disease and this is the major reason people might overlook the signs. The symptoms may питер работа include body pains, fever, swollen lymph glands, sore throat, rashes, and nausea. In advance stages, the symptoms include weight loss, memory loss, sores and swollen gums. Women may experience vaginal yeast infection, rashes on the skin, fungal infections and often the infections do not subside even after treatment.


HIV Risks & Prevention


If you are sexually active, or share needles and you feel you are at risk, getting tested will help rule out infection. On the other hand, if you test positive, then doctors will prescribe medications to help manage the symptoms. HIV can spread through unprotected sex and there is a high degree of the infection spreading even in the initial stages. This is why it is so important to be careful about getting testing and using safe sexual practices. If the infection is not treated in time, it could lead to weakening of the immune system.  Sharing needles can also lead to infection. Blood and other bodily fluids such as semen spread the infection, as does breast milk. However, HIV does not spread through skin contact, or saliva. The virus cannot survive outside the body for too long and this makes it impossible to get the disease through shared bathrooms and food. In the advanced stages, the patient is more vulnerable to herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia, liver disease, and other infectious diseases.


HIV Testing


Getting tested early is key to getting treatment that works effectively. The most common type of test involves testing for antibodies in the blood after infection. if you test too early, the antibodies might fail to show, throwing up a negative result. However, it is necessary to get tested a second time, to rule out any infection. You can go for a test three months after the first one, to ensure that you are actually free from risks. It is also recommended that you go for a test every year, if sexually active, to ensure that you are not at risk of the disease. As a responsible individual, you need to get tested to rule out passing the disease to other people. You will also need to practice safe sex, use sterilized needles, and undertake other precautions to ensure that HIV does not spread.


HIV Treatment


Today, treatment has advanced to a level where HIV positive patients can lead a longer, healthier life. There is no vaccination or complete cure for HIV, which is why preventive measures are strongly emphasized. Antiretroviral drugs are the most common methods for treating the лучшие игровые автоматы бесплатно без регистрации disease.

If you feel that you stand a higher risk of infection, or you want to walk in for an annual screening, you can do so without a doctor’s appointment at an urgent care clinic.


  • You can order an STD test online by visiting the website. It is a simple and easy process and can be done conveniently within a few minutes.


  • You can get tested for a suspected STD infection by visiting a conveniently located STD testing center. The best one offers sophisticated testing facilities.


  • You can get the STD test results quickly and confidentially on the same day and in the manner you wish to receive it. A doctor can be consulted for advice is the test result is positive.