Genital Herpes: Symptoms, Complications, Testing, and Treatment


Genital Herpes Symptoms


There are many reasons why people fail to notice that they might have herpes infection. The first is that Genital Herpes may not initially show any symptoms. Also, the symptoms may not be noticeable at the outset. However, you would want to watch out for symptoms such работа as burning and itching in the genital region as well as discomfort during urination. Blisters in the genital region also indicate a possible infection. The sores commonly occur in what is known as an outbreak. Once the symptoms such as sores subside they may not recur for many years.


Genital Herpes Risks & Complications


Painful outbreaks of sores are among the top complications caused by Genital Herpes. Also, it can be difficult to detect, especially in the initial stages. Since the testing relies on looking for antibodies that fight the virus, the results may be inaccurate in the initial stages because the bodies may not have produced enough antibodies. This means that the patient should not take the first lab report, indicating negative results, as the final report. Instead, they would need to keep getting tested every 20 days for three months, until they are in the clear. Since this is a difficult to detect disease, there is always the chance of passing on Genital Herpes through unsafe sexual practices. Also, there are plenty of misconceptions that make it difficult to detect, treat, or stop the spread of genital herpes. Many people believe that they are infected by the virus only during the time of an outbreak, and perfectly healthy during other times. However, this is not true and you can spread the virus through unsafe sex and through skin contact even when you are not experiencing genital sores, cold sores and other symptoms related to Herpes.


Genital Herpes Testing


Genital Herpes testing involves getting tested for both type 1 and type 2 Herpes. Medical labs will test the patient’s blood to detect herpes infection and the type of infection. The test will look for antibodies in the patient’s blood, to understand the type of virus that the antibodies are fighting. This test is simple to perform and requires just a blood sample. Read more about indian dreaming slot machine. You can get tested for Herpes infection at any medical laboratory, and walk in clinics will help you get tested without prior appointment, doctor’s prescription, or other factors.


Genital Herpes Treatment


Herpes symptoms can be controlled by medications. If you have tested positive for herpes, medications will help contain the severity of the symptoms. Pregnant women should also take adequate care, as outbreaks during this time can cause the infection to be passed to the child.


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