10 Test Panel STD Testing


These 10 Test Panel tests are highly recommended by doctors for testing of common sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be tricky to deal. работа москва They operate silently in the initial stages and do not show any specific and explicit symptoms. You might appear apparently healthy outwardly but it is very likely that you could be carrying an jobitel infection without your knowledge. Also, a person suffering from one type of STD could very well be infected with other types of STDs as well.
Our convenient to use, online STD testing facility offers the highly recommended 10 Test Panel. It is capable of testing the entire range of sexually transmitted diseases including

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Herpes 1 and 2
  • 4th Generation HIV 1 and 2 antigen
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis

As the 10 Test Panel gives you comprehensive testing, you can be sure of your condition. It is the best way to dispel any uncertainty regarding your health condition.

We also offer the advanced HIV RNA Early Detection Test. This is the only HIV test approved by the FDA and can detect the presence of STD virus directly. This is done by running a test for detection of RNA genetic material in your bloodstream. Conclusive results can be obtained by using this test within 9 to 11 days of getting exposed to the virus.


How It Works


There are certain basic rules that the patients must observe for undergoing the 10 Test Panel testing process:

  • No urination for at least an hour before the test is conducted
  • A small portion of sample of blood and urine will be required for the test

The testing process is simple and short and will be over in 5 minutes. Results can be obtained in a day or two. If the test results are positive, we can arrange consultation with our doctor confidentially and telephonically.


FDA-Approved Tests

The STD tests are done in state-0f-the-art CLIA-certified labs which are trusted and recommended by the leading physicians and hospitals.

Fastest Delivery of Results

We can provide results of the STD tests in the quickest possible time of 1-2 days without compromising on the accuracy factor. The test results are delivered confidentially to your email as soon as they are available.

Free Consultation:

In the event of the test result being positive, we provide you access to qualified physician for consultation about the next moves at no extra cost

Qualified Advisors Available On Call

We have highly trained and professional advisors available on a dedicated number to answer all your queries so that all doubts lingering in your mind are cleared.

Conveniently Located Testing Centers:

We have opened a large number of testing centers nationwide. You can find one near you conveniently to provide your blood and urine sample.

Confidential And Private Testing

We are committed to protecting your privacy and that’s why the tests are conducted in absolute confidence. Your results are kept private.


  • You can order an STD test online by visiting the website. It is a simple and easy process and can be done conveniently within a few minutes.


  • You can get tested for a suspected STD infection by visiting a conveniently located STD testing center. The best one offers sophisticated testing facilities.


  • You can get the STD test results quickly and confidentially on the same day and in the manner you wish to receive it. A doctor can be consulted for advice is the test result is positive.